Recent Activity

6) Possible Ice Rescue Date: 2/06/2016
Time of Alarm: 1039 In Service: 1150
Location: Lake Abanakee, Big Brook Road
Apparatus: Rescue 47, Engine 45
Action Taken: Determined to be an injured fisherman due to a fall, victim extricated from ice, care given to Indian Lake Ambulance

5) Motor Vehicle Accident  Date: 1/20/2016
Time of Alarm: 1430     In Service: 1535
Location: NYS Route 30 (Blue Mountain Lake Road)
Apparatus: Engine 41, Rescue 47
Action Taken: 2 car MVA, no injuries, no extrication required. Provided traffic control

4) Vehicle Fire  Date: 1/18/2016
Time of Alarm: 1656     In Service: 1900
Location: Big Brook Road
Apparatus: Engine 41, Rescue 47, Tanker 46, Tanker 43
Action Taken: Arrived to fully involved tractor fire. 2.5 inch line off Tanker 43 used to extinguish fire, approximately 6000 gallons water.

3) Fire Alarm  Date: 1/8/2016
Time of Alarm: 0305    In Service: 0452
Location: Indian Lake Central School, Route 30 Indian Lake
Apparatus: Engine 41, Rescue 47, Tanker 46
Action Taken: Basement CO alarm, moderate levels of CO present in boiler room, vented basement. Determined to be main boiler malfunction. School closed.

2) Smoke Condition Date: 1/2/2016
Time of Alarm: 1837    In Service: 2100
Location: Big Brook Road, Indian Lake
Apparatus: Engine 41, Rescue 47, Tanker 46, Tanker 43
Action Taken: confirmed furnace malfunction, high levels of CO present inside residence, vented residence. 1 dog rescued from residence.

1) EMS Assist
Date: 1/1/2016
Time of Alarm: 0205    In Service: 0239
Location: Chimney Mountain Road, Indian Lake
Apparatus: None
Action Taken: Manpower provided at request of Indian Lake Ambulance.