EMS Assist

EMS Assist, Boat Rescue Time of Alarm:02:50:11 Date: 08/26/16 Apparatus R47 Indian_Lake_2016_08_26_02_50_11.mp3

Motor Vehicle Accident

Motor Vehicle Accident Time of Alarm 10:04:03 Date 08/25/16 Apparatus E41, R47 Indian_Lake_2016_08_25_10_04_03.mp3

Car Fire

Car Fire    Time of Alarm: 20:42:43            Date: 08/19/16 Apparatus: Engine 41, Rescue 47, Tanker 46 Fire inside passenger compartment, extinguished prior to arrival Indian_Lake_2016_08_19_20_42_43.mp3

Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle Accident         Time of Alarm: 11:14:54         Date: 08/09/16 Location: NYS Route 30, Sabael Road Indian_Lake_2016_08_09_11_14_54.mp3

EMS Assist

EMS ASSIST     Time of Alarm: 20:45:56        Date: 08/04/16 Location: Adirondack Lake Road Indian_Lake_2016_08_04_20_45_56.mp3

Fire Alarm

FIRE ALARM       Time of Alarm:  02:22:43         Date: 08/01/16 Location: Gundel Court Faulty Alarm, Alarm company notified Indian_Lake_2016_08_01_02_22_43.mp3

Motorcycle Accident

MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT    Time of Alarm: 17:36:21      Date: 07/30/16 Location: Cedar River Road @ Route 30 Indian_Lake_2016_07_30_17_36_21.mp3

River Rescue

RIVER RESCUE      Time of Alarm: 11:02:36     Date: 07/30/16 Location: Indian River off Chain Lakes Road Injured subject extricated from river, transferred to EMS Indian_Lake_2016_07_30_11_02_36.mp3

Lifting Assistance

Lifting Assistance            Time of Alarm:  10:10          Date: 07/25/16 Lifting assistance requested by ILVAC, manpower provided Indian_Lake_2016_07_25_10_10_27.mp3

Unknown Fire

Unknown Fire    Time of Alarm:  20:18    Date: 07/05/16 Apparatus: Engine 41, Rescue 47, Tanker 46, Tanker 47 Unknown fire reported on Bennett Road, reported by third party from across lake. Investigation reveals recreational camp fire. No action taken Indian_Lake_2016_07_05_20_18_36.mp3