Wires Down, Burning

Wires Down, Burning  Time of Alarm 1922 Date: 10/08/16 Apparatus: E41, R47 Indian_Lake_2016_10_08_19_22_48.mp3

Vehicle Fire

Vehicle Fire   Time of Alarm: 15:57:49    Date: 09/27/16 Apparatus: E 41, R 47, T 46 Indian_Lake_2016_09_27_15_57_49.mp3

EMS Assist

EMS Assist    Time of Alarm: 08:46:36    Date: 09/23/16 Apparatus: R47 Indian_Lake_2016_09_23_08_46_36.mp3

Wildland Fire

Wildland Fire, Mutual Aid for Inlet  Time of Alarm: 16:51:26 Date: 09/16/16 Apparatus: R47, E45 Indian_Lake_2016_09_16_16_51_26.mp3

Propane Leak

Propane Leak  Time of Alarm 20:29:45 Date: 09/08/16 Apparatus: E41, R47, T46, T43 (Original call time approx 2000, unrecorded) Indian_Lake_2016_09_08_20_29_45.mp3

Motor Vehicle Accident

Motor Vehicle Accident  Time of Alarm: 1302  Date: 09/08/16 Apparatus: E41, R47 Indian_Lake_2016_09_08_13_02_53.mp3

Michael Hall Memorial


Motor Vehicle Accident

Motor Vehicle Accident  Time of Alarm: 20:13:51 Date: 09/05/16 Apparatus: R47 Indian_Lake_2016_09_05_20_13_51.mp3

Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle Accident  Time of Alarm: 12:56:19  Date:09/02/16 Apparatus: E41, R47 Indian_Lake_2016_09_02_12_56_19.mp3

Motor Vehicle Accident

Motor Vehicle Accident  Time of Alarm 09:57:13 Date 08/27/16 Apparatus: E41, R47 Indian_Lake_2016_08_27_09_57_13.mp3